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Outsource the family help desk
to us.

We offer FREE* quick tech support calls for older adults in 20 minutes or less to help get you out of your mess – perfect for when you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed. We also offer other helpful services for when you need something more than a quick call – keeping you connected through technology and community.


Compassion and patience in every call.

Have a question? Need a handhold? Techie Nesters is your helpline for FREE* quick tech fixes done for you and perfect for random “I-don’t-want-to-bother-my-kid-but-my-computer-is-not-working” tasks, because family time shouldn’t be tech time. At Techie Nesters, patience preveils. Once you call Techie Nesters, your digital worries are like old passwords – forgotten. Available simply by calling us.


Drowning in
digital clutter?

Our Techie Nesters’ packages are designed to remove pain points, create safety, strengthen relationships, help you set up that speaker you got three Christmas’ ago from your kids, and add comfort. Let our Techie Nesters be your digital guide – where worries press the pause button and confidence resumes play.


Our wingspan of tech support.

Here’s a list of technology we help troubleshoot.
If there’s something you need help with that’s not on our list, give us a call anyway and our Spotter will point you in the right direction. Our mission is to remove pain points and add more comfort and joy to the everyday lives of older adults, so please just ask.




Apple Macs
Google Chromebook




Amazon Alexa
Google Home


Apple Watch
Hearing Aids


Quick Tech Support (for when you’re feeling digitally overwhelmed or stuck)

Call or sign up online for a FREE MEMBERSHIP and unlock access to FREE Quick Tech SOS (2 free calls/year)

Call us with your issue. We’re like on emotional support pot but for quick tech issues. Compassionate conversation include!

Enjoy what matters! Relationships with family without the tech talk, list-free time together, and your independence!

Let others know that help is available for free so that more people can enjoy the support of Techie Nesters.

Techie Nesters is just a phone call away.

FREE calls – with email sign-up


Other Helpful Services (for when you need something more than a quick call)

Pick your package for you or as a gift

  • Secure the Nest (we help keep your digital identity & behaviour as safe as possible (all ages) with Safely Nested & Protect the Nest)
  • Money Wise (we review your digital packages and advocate for your monthly bills to be reduced)
  • Tune Up & Get Organized (we help organize photos, emails and passwords to declutter and reclaim space on your device)
  • Snowbird (create a seamless transition to your vacation destination as we help get you and your tech ‘travel ready’)
  • Home Sweet Home (we help you age-in-place longer with ‘smart’ home tech solutions)
  • Memory Lane (we preserve your cherished photos and videos)
  • New Tech in Your Nest (we offer a step-by-step handhold when setting up a new device)
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One of the nicest gifts (for you both)

We’re here to ‘answer the call’ so their call to you is less “how to” and more “how are you?” Restore joy in your relationship and enjoy peace of mind knowing your parents have a trusted companion at their fingertips. Great for when you can’t be there.


When your kids have flown the nest, don’t worry we’ll help with the rest.

1-833-613-N-E-S-T (6378)