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Safety is our priority.
Trust is what we earn.

Inside the Nest at Techie Nesters, you’ll find a team of Advocates with a servant’s heart. And at the heart of the Nest, you’ll find a Compassion Concierge ready to help serve you. Every member is hand-picked, highly vetted, highly resourceful and has a passion for helping older adults. Every member is also insured by Techie Nesters (Lloyd’s of London). Our Advocates go through a robust onboarding process and Vulnerable Sector Checks so you can have peace of mind that you’re engaging with a high caliber of people who embody our core values.

Our  Core Values

We are committed to:

  1. Being Good Samaritans. Compassion At Our Core.
  2. Offering kindness and thoughtfulness in all we do. Love in The Little Things.
  3. Using our gifts to change lives. Blessed to Be a Blessing.
  4. Selflessly serving in various ways & keeping the focus on others. A Servant’s Heart.
  5. Doing what we say and saying what we do. Deservedly Trustworthy.
  6. Enduing with empathy. Positive Energy & Patience in Every Interaction.
  7. Seeking out opportunities to create connections & relationships with others. Fellowship Mindset.

Our Core Values guide our decision-making, establish culture and determine how we do things.

“At Techie Nesters, our heart is set on valuing the immense wisdom and authority older adults bring to the table. By blending modern technology with timeless values of compassion, connection, and camaraderie, we aim to craft a nurturing space where older adults are not just seen and heard but are celebrated and integral. By turning every act of kindness into a cornerstone of communal support, we offer a sustainable way for members to age in place longer and live a life filled with purpose – joyfully and interdependently. ConnectedNest is the Techie Nesters’ way.”

Jenn Gerynowicz, HBA Ivey Business School
Founder & Chief Compassion Officer
Techie Nesters

To Give Is To Receive

Jenn is inspired to grow Techie Nesters based on the belief that kindness unlocks kindness. Her late grandmother’s poem written from an empty nester / retiree perspective suggests that helping others also fulfills our own need for connection and purpose.

My grandmother said:

”Most of us know, I’m sure, what it is to be lonely – if you are one of us who after a busy life – now have our family raised – no job to go to – no one coming in for meals – no place we feel we really need to be at any particular time – yet we still enjoy company & friends etc. – this poem could be for you – I’ve called it “To Give Is To Receive”

– Norma Scott

A dedicated team of Advocates committed
to helping others.

With just a phone call, older adults gain access to a Compassion Concierge or the assistance of a well-informed and patient Advocate. Our Advocates provide tech support and champion safety, affordability, and community engagement and will work alongside you to ensure you receive the necessary answers and support.

A helpful resource for finding joy, community and meaning in later life.

‘Gray Hairs Don’t Care’ is a blog that celebrates ongoing purpose, camaraderie, and connectedNest to help older adults live at home longer. It explores ways to maintain and foster safe social connections, pursue fulfilling activities, and honour aging with grace.



The Salvation Army is a transforming influence in the communities of our world. Like Techie Nesters, they depend on acts of service and a generous community to be successful, so we are helping the Salvation Army – Etobicoke through donations and resourcing. We share similar values and align ourselves in a philanthropic way to more broadly benefit those in community through support for their work. In addition to signing up to volunteer for the Christmas Kettle Campaign, we encourage you to add a donation to help others with basic human needs when you buy any one of our products or services.

When your kids have flown the nest, don’t worry we’ll help with the rest.

1-833-613-N-E-S-T (6378)